Saturday, November 20, 2010

Southern Gospel Music

My postings will pick up again after my dissertation is finished, but I am compelled to comment tonight.

I was just flipping through the channel guide on the TV and saw "Gospel Music" as a program on one of the channels. So, I turned it on! However, I was quickly turned off by what I saw!

I grew up listening to Southern Gospel Music and I love it! I'll never forget the Kingsman Concert in the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA back in 1995/1996. It was absolutely fantastic. In fact it wasn't really a concert. It was more of a worship service. I remember leaving there feeling as though I was leaving a worship service at church. The singers seemed genuine and I don't remember them trying to put on a show.

However, what I saw tonight was disgusting to me. One of the singers was one of my favorite singers from the Cathedrals years ago. He has now formed a new group of his own and they were on there giving a tribute to the Cathedrals of old. But it was appalling. After watching for about 2 minutes I thought, "What a bunch of clowns!"

These guys were dancing around, making goofy faces, seeking to be in some way comical, and etc. This is contrary to the words they were singing. The song they were singing could have been worshipful, but their behavior turned it into a show. The focus was taken off of Christ and put on them and their acting. How disgraceful!

Sadly the audience was in standing ovation and clapping their hands. I don't believe this is what we'll see in heaven. The focus will be on Christ and no one will be parading on stage to make people laugh and tickle their ears.

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Anonymous said...

Southern Gospel Music is the type music we can listen in an Covenant marriage Seminars.... im also upset with what you have said