Thursday, July 9, 2009

Truth Quote of the Week

Another quote without the word "truth," but a very profound one. If you can make it past the first few sentences that are a little challenging for some it is a great quote on God's presence.

"Do not therefore think God to be in places: He is with thee such an one as thou shalt have been. What is, such an one as thou shalt have been? Good, if thou shalt have been good; and evil to thee He will seem, if evil thou shalt have been; but a Helper, if good thou shalt have been; an Avenger, if evil thou shalt have been. There thou hast a Judge in thy secret place. Willing to do something of evil, from the public thou retires into thy house, where no enemy may see; from those places of thine house which are open and before the eyes of men, thou removest thyself into a chamber; thou fearest even in thy chamber some witness from some other quarter, thou retires into thy heart, there thou meditates: He is more inward than thy heart. Whithersoever therefore thou shalt have fled, there He is. From thyself whither wilt thou flee? Wilt thou not follow thyself whithersoever thou shalt flee? But since there is One more inward even than thyself, there is no place whither thou mayest flee from God angry, but to God reconciled. There is no place at all whither thou mayest flee. Wilt thou flee from Him? Flee to Him."

Augustine - from his commentary on Psalm 75