Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Have No Clue

This past Sunday was our church's 80th anniversary. Some of the former pastors were here with us for the celebration. A couple of them shared what the church and its former pastors went through during the last 80 years. As I listened to what the church and its pastors experienced I quickly realized that we today have no clue what it means to suffer for Christ.

We big babies today cry when someone calls us a name, says something critical of us or our ministries, or challenges our authority as leaders in God's church. And these are all difficult things to deal with. But as I think about what the founding pastor of our church suffered I fight back the tears and say, "Oh, but for the grace of God I would be in His shoes today."

The founding pastor (Cyril Burget) of our church (The Baptist Church in Kromeriz, Czech Republic) served for around 15 years +/-. I can't remember the exact number of years, but around 15 . After leaving Kromeriz he went to Prague to pastor a church there. Shortly after serving there he was imprisoned. And that is all anyone knows about him.

He was imprisoned for a while and died in prison. No one knows how he died. Most think he was beaten or tortured to death; killed by the communists in prison. They held a funeral for him, but it was a closed casket and not one word was aloud to be spoken there by anyone. People could enter the room, but no one could speak. So his family came and looked at the casket not knowing if his body was actually inside. If it was, no one knew what it looked like. No one knows if he was beaten, mutilated, or what. But most believe he was at least beaten and killed. And no one knows what they did with his body, whether it was burned or buried.

He was a martyr for the truth. A true warrior. After his death the communists told the church to throw his family out of the church. So instead of enduring persecution and standing for the truth, they threw his wife and 6 kids out of the church. And it seems that his children or at least most of them never walked with Christ after all of this. This man lost his life, his church, and his family all for the cost of following Christ.

We today have no clue what it truly means to suffer and lose everything for Christ. However, it is what Jesus told us to expect. May we be as faithful as Pastor Burget to stand for Christ and never yield to the enemy.

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love101 said...

LL Lance - Praise Him. Thank you for your service.
You're correct...
"We have no clue" here in the states about suffering for Jesus.
I have a good friend in Malaysia, born of parents from India,
raised worshiping many God's.

He has been beaten, thrown in jail,
and separated from His family.
All because He serves a risen savior.

We are in a war....

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