Friday, May 22, 2009

Truth Quote of the Week

"In truth I cannot conceive how otherwise a man could be a master worthily than with the intention of obtaining a steadier opportunity for the teaching of God’s truth and this profess and defend that truth more zealously. But I have found ordinary poor priests and poor layman—even women—defend the truth more zealously than the doctors of the Holy Scriptures, who out of fear run away from the truth plainly and openly. And why are they like that? Solely because some of us are timid, fearing to lose worldly favor and praise, and others of us fear to lose benefices; for we fear to be held in contempt by the people for the truth’s sake, and to suffer bodily pain. We are like the Jewish rulers of whom Saint John says in his Gospel that “many rulers believed on him; but because of the lawyers did not confess it, lest they should be cast out of the congregation. For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” O how many there are—princes, masters, priests, and others—who, being afraid of excommunication, have no courage to confess the truth of Christ, and thus also Christ himself; and how many there are who fear to confess the truth lest they lose their miserable goods, or, above all, who, lacking the courage to risk their earthly life, abandon the truth!"

Jan Hus, Knizky o Svatokupectvi