Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sad Week for the USA and Few People Get It

I look at the headlines today and it is sad. The President has no interest in the National Day of Prayer, Maine okays gay marriage, and socialistic/communistic ideology is on the move.

Yesterday we were standing out on the street (here in Czech Republic) advertising our summer English camp. I saw a guy reading our sign so I said with a smile, "Are you interested in going to the camp?" He looked scared and angry and started to walk away. I jokingly said, "Hey we can speak English." The guy I was with told me I was too happy. He said, "You can't be that happy when you talk to people."

Then last night in our English class I told everyone about it and they all agreed. They said it is a leftover from communism. The socialistic/communistic ideology suppressed people and left them with virtually no rights, and stripped away their joy. The students told me all kinds of stories about the days of communism and how horrible it was, and it is truly sad.

We agreed that there is a visible difference between how the young generation today and those who lived during communism communicate and express themselves. You can be happy when you talk to younger people, but old people look at you with suspicion and distrust.

America is blazing down the highway to hell and doesn't realize it. The President de-emphasizes prayer, States are falling like dominoes as more and more allow "gay marriage," and people are embracing socialism, which is just a step from communism. People really have no clue how the socialists and communists control your lives. Farmers here in the European Union (I call it the European Union of Socialist States) are told how much crop to produce and sell. It is absurd. There are laws for virtually everything. Thankfully the Czechs are holding out on the Lisbon Treaty that would strip away even more rights. Americans have no clue. For them Obama's new socialistic agenda is a new experiment, but it will not lead to more prosperity and more freedom.

Truly dark days are ahead if there is not a revival that will sweep the nation. There must be a return to the Truth if the light will ever come on for people to realize what is happening. Preachers will be imprisoned just as they were here in Czech 50 years ago if this socialistic ideology continues to spread. Now more than ever churches must preach the truth, proclaim the gospel, be living examples of Jesus Christ in their daily lives, and pray that God would be gracious and merciful and save many!

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Shelly said...

Amen brother! Christ and Him crucified.

Praying for you, your family, your ministry, your nation, our nation.

Because He is worthy of our praise,