Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why God Doesn't Bless America

I have often enjoyed hearing the President and others say at the end of their speeches, "God bless America." But there is not much evidence of God's blessing on America these days. In fact I would say it is quite the contrary. We believers often pray for God's blessing, we pray for revival, we pray for another Great Awakening, but it hasn't come. Why?

American was founded upon Christian principles and many of the founding fathers were faithful believers, and God's blessing was upon America. However, today we can see collapse in many areas of American society. There has been a spiritual collapse over the last century and a half as biblical preaching has vanished and liberal theology has destroyed many churches. There has been massive moral collapse as homosexuality has been welcomed with open arms in several states, and abortion has been accepted as the mother's choice to decide whether to keep the life of her baby or to destroy it. And there has recently been financial collapse due to the raging greed and materialism of our nation. Isn't it evident that God's blessing upon America isn't flourishing?

How can God bless America? How can God bless America when He is not welcomed in the schools, He is not welcomed in the stores (can't say "Merry Christmas"), His name can't be mentioned at the end of prayers, and the 10 Commandments can't be hung on the wall of a government building (thou shalt not kill, etc.).

Florida Gulf Coast University, located in Southwest Florida where I grew up, has recently made a decision to ban all holiday decorations from its campus. In an effort to offend no one and to be politically correct the school president has decided to ban everything that would even give the thought of Jesus or anything Christian. This is paganism and secularism run rampant. This is education gone mad. How can God bless such a nation that each and every year goes to further extremes to push Christ out of every aspect of life?

It seems like America is beginning to resemble the days of Jeremiah when the prophet preached and warned Judah to repent and return to the LORD. Just read the next book in the Bible, Lamentations, and you can see what happened to Judah. America, I believe is at a crossroads. There is still time, there is still opportunity for God to bless America. But for such a blessing to occur there must be a return to biblical preaching, and there must be a returning to the Lord. But will America repent and turn to the Lord, or will it continue down the road of destruction? Unless there is a return to the Truth and turning away from the idols of its heart the nation will continue down the broad road, which ends in destruction.