Monday, November 17, 2008

The Gospel According to Humanism

You may have heard by now that the American Humanist Association (AMA) is taking its message to the streets. They are making an advertising blitz this Christmas to promote humanistic thinking and to question people's belief in God. They have been hitting the Metro system of our nation's capital and have put their advertisements in several major newspapers. I wonder what would happen if Christians put billboards on public transportation proclaiming Jesus as Lord? I would what kind of a response or outcry there would be?

The Dallas Morning News quotes Roy Speckhardt, the executive director of the AMA, as saying, "Humanists have always understood that you don't need a god to be good...So that's the point we're making with this advertising campaign. Morality doesn't come from religion. It's a set of values embraced by individuals and society based on empathy, fairness, and experience."

This is their good news for the holiday season? Doubt God, and look to society? Since when has society ever come up with a good set of values? Look around the globe to peoples who have never been influenced by the Bible and have never known Jesus Christ. They have nothing to offer anyone. Most of the countries that have rejected or have never heard of Christ and the Bible are either third world, communist, impoverished, ravished by war, cannibalistic, and etc. Look at the countries where the Reformation flourished and you see a vast difference. Humanism only offers emptiness and hopelessness. Man cannot look to himself and come away happy and with hope. Man needs to be given hope, and Jesus is that hope. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

He is the reason for the holiday season, and He is the only one who can turn your life around and give you peace.