Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God Wins!

It is clear from Scripture that God is the one who sets up kings and brings them down (Dan. 2:21). Nothing happens that He doesn't allow. Therefore, we can say that God won in this election. Many people were obviously praying for a different result, but the Lord, who planned the end from the beginning, allowed the man He wanted to win. We of course can't explain all the ins and outs of God's will, but we can rest assured that He is on the throne. Psalm 115 says that the Lord does whatever He chooses.

Therefore, we should look at the election and realize that we have a responsibility to walk by faith and pray for the new president. We should pray for his salvation, for wisdom, and for him to act with integrity.

One exciting point is that all the initiatives around the country to eliminate "gay marriage" were successful. The people spoke, and that means no more threats to churches to perform such "marriages." It was a clear rejection of those radical judges who sought to impose their will upon the people. Praise the Lord for the decisive victory! This of course doesn't mean the battle for truth is over or that this issue is put to rest. But it is a victory in which we should rejoice. So, praise God!