Monday, October 6, 2008

Youth Conference Pics

Here are a couple pics from the youth conference. I'm a bad picture taker, but I took two pictures and someone took one of me with my camera. It was a great conference as we had more than double the usual number of youth that come to the regional conference. We had about 150 there, and we praise the Lord for that. The kids heard some great messages and were challenged to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

I had the most controversial lecture of the conference, "what does it mean to be charismatic?" It was given to me by the guys who organized the conference, so I take it that I got the topic no one else wanted! Nevertheless, I think it went well and maybe some heard things for the first time.

They wanted my seminar to be more focused on being charismatic in the sense of having charisma for Christ. But I did throw in some things there about charismatic theology (i.e. Spirit baptism and the filling of the Spirit) to feed the interest that the title probably aroused.

Now we are all recovering from a crazy week! I think our pastor is going to take a vacation to recover from the thing.