Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Prayer in Jesus Name?

World Net Daily has reported that the governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, has forbidden chaplains from praying in Jesus' name. He, seeking to establish a non-sectarian form of prayer, is discriminating and persecuting those who pray in Jesus' name. As a result of his orders six chaplains have been forced to resign their positions. Kaine's government intervention in the words that chaplains use in their prayers is over the top and violates the separation of church and state.

There will be a protest/rally/prayer service in Richmond on November 1. It's aims is that this government mandated form of prayer will be overturned. When the government starts telling you how to pray, what words to use, and to not pray in Jesus' name that is scary. What will they demand next?

If you would like to contact the governor to voice your opinion, here is his contact information:

To email the governor click here.
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