Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LA Times No More?

I have tried to restrain myself and not put much political stuff on my blog. However, the blatant bias of the media this year is appalling and the massive cover-up for Obama is numbing.

The Los Angeles Times has decided that it will protect Obama at all costs. It is now hiding a video that knows would be extremely damaging to the Obama campaign. Click here to learn more. This is apparently a party of people who are opposed to Israel. I am here calling upon Americans to contact the LA Times and demand they release the video immediately, and to never again purchase the LA Times if they do not do so.

1-877-554-4000 and and

What is taking place this year is journalistic malpractice. If news organizations are willing to take such extreme measures to keep the TRUTH from us, then they are not worthy of our business.