Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two of America's Finest

The boys and I went to the Czech Air show last week. It was great to see the F-16 in action and some of the other planes at the airshow. After seeing the Gripen Fighter that the Czech Republic not long ago purchased, instead of the F-16 that they could have purchased, I'm not sure why they chose the Gripen other than for political reasons? The F-16 seemed to be a far superior aircraft. It seemed to have greater speed, maneuverability, greater defensive abilities, and etc. But that was only from seeing them fly, and that is only my ignorant perspective. It was interesting that immediately after the F-16 did its stuff everyone started leaving. I think everyone stayed to see that before heading home.

Nevertheless, there were some Americans there with their aircraft. There was an air-refueler (I think C-130) and two F-15's on display. Because we were Americans they allowed us to do things that others weren't allowed to do. So that was pretty cool. The servicemen were extremely kind, polite, patient, answered all my questions, taught me much about how they do things, and showed why many often refer to them as "America's Finest."

To the right are the pics. We also got to go inside a NATO reconnaissance jet. It too was pretty cool.