Monday, September 22, 2008

Ray Boltz Shocks the Christian World

Ray Boltz, a well-known Christian musician, recently confessed to living a homosexual lifestyle. In fact he is very open about it on his website. He was married for 33 years and has four children. He recently said in an interview with the Washington Blade that he was "born this way" and now he feels closer to God living his new lifestyle.

Some of his more famous songs were "I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb," "Thank You," and "Rise Again." According to the Gospel Music Association (GMA) was asked about Boltz's homosexuality. Listen to what says, "The Gospel Music Association -- the group which gives out the Dove Awards -- told the Blade, 'We do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community.'" Stunning! So you can live however you want and receive Dove Awards?

This is one more reason why "Contemporary Christian Music" is truly contemporary. It is so contemporary that it has abandoned orthodoxy. May God save Ray Boltz and somehow use this for the furtherance of the gospel, the preaching of the truth, and the salvation of many who are enslaved by this sinful way of life.