Friday, July 18, 2008

Truth Quote of the Week

I am immersed in studies this week so I thought I'd post my favorite Czech quote. This is a quote from Matěj z Janova (Matthew of Janova) criticizing the priesthood of his day (the late 14th century):

they worldly, proud, mercenary, pleasure-loving, and hypocritical; they are the synagogue of sinners, the great Whore, serpents and young adders, a snare, the apocalyptic locusts, adulterous women, worse than public prostitutes. They form spiritually the Great Babylon which is the Great Whore and the mother of adultery and abomination of the earth. They do not regard their sins as such, do not allow themselves to be reproved, and persecute the saintly preachers. There is no doubt that if Jesus lived among such people, they would be the first to put him to death.”
- As quoted by Matthew Spinka from Kybal's book Matej z Janova.