Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Vow of Poverty?

While visiting the Vatican we wandered outside and found a tunnel that looked like it led to something interesting. Then we realized that it took you to the pope's parking lot of previous pope-mobiles. As you can see in the picture the popes haven't held back on making sure they have some nice wheels.

It reminds me of John Hus when he said that when he was younger he at first wanted to become a priest because they lived well, dressed well, and were held in high esteem. But through his study of the Word, the Scriptures, he came to understand the truth and then had a different view of the priesthood.

When taking my picture in front of one of the pope's carriages my wife, a previous catholic, reminded me that the priests are to take a vow of poverty. I guess it doesn't apply if you are the pope?