Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mamertine Prison

My last post mentioned our trip to Rome and why we went there, and etc. In this post I wanted to post a pic of the one site that I wanted to see if I saw nothing else in Rome. And it was actually the first site we went to see. It is the Mamertine Prison.

From what I have read and heard, it is believed that the Apostles Peter and Paul were imprisoned here where I am standing! Tradition from the 5th century holds this to be the place of their imprisonment as it is the only known state prison that existed in Rome in the time of Peter and Paul.

BUT no one knows for sure. Whether it was the exact one or not you can still get a glimpse of the conditions in which they were kept. In the picture is a small spring of water in front of my feet. To the right of where I'm standing is some sort of a stone structure that looked to have some significance to it, but everything there was in Latin and I am no Latin scholar! Then above my head in the picture you can see a hole. This was probably the only source of light that the prisoners had access to unless they were given some sort of a candle, and it was probably how they received their food.

So after being there in this small room/dungeon I could certainly identify with why Paul wanted his cloak! I'm sure it is pretty cold there in the winter and you don't see any luxuries there.

Oh may we never forget the enormous sacrifices made for you and I to have the holy Word of God in our hands today! May we hold it dear, search the depths of its truths, and grow in our love of the One who has given it to us and about Whom it is written, the Lord Jesus!

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Jonathan Moorhead said...

It looks like you belong there, Lancey Pantsy. Seriously though, I am glad you two got to go to Rome on your anniversary. You certainly deserve the time away.