Thursday, May 1, 2008

Evolutionists Scared of the Truth?

I was actually a little shocked by the reaction to my post a few days ago when I encouraged people to view the movie "Expelled" and post their thoughts on the film. My blog is not the most famous in the world, but as you can see in the comments section it was the most commented on post in the history of Truth Buckler.

So I decided to follow up with another post on the "Intelligent Design" movement, and just threw out a couple of my thoughts on the issue. Today I came across a number of headlines in the Florida Witness all having to do with potential new legislation in Florida to allow teachers freedom to challenge evolutionary conjecture. At least that is how I understand the bill from the few things I read.

The title of one article caught my attention, "Storms Decries Personal Attacks in Evolution Debate." I want to be careful that I don't paint all evolutionists in the same light, but this comes to me as no surprise. From my own personal interaction with evolutionists on issues regarding origins they are often quite fierce in their rhetoric. Now, I must say that unfortunately many Creationists are too. In fact, I saw a video by one Creationist who was very arrogant in his lecture and very snide in his remarks about evolutionists, and I told my wife I'll never listen to him again. I have since learned that he is in jail for tax evasion or something. It's truly a sad story and a horrible testimony for the name of Christ for which this man must one day answer to God.

However, I have noticed that evolutionists are particular sharp in their attacks such as this senator has experienced. Why the threats? Why the personal attacks? Why are evolutionists so afraid of being challenged? What do they have to lose? Are they so allergic to the Truth that they can tolerate no theory or opinion that challenges their position?

I see this approach as a sign of weakness. Time does not allow me to post the many, many problems that evolutionists cannot answer, and for which they must hold to their position by faith alone. I can't count the times I have seen them redefine science, call Creationists unscientific and ignorant of what science is. Sad.

When you can't win in the arena of logic and evidence, then just insult the person's intelligence, tell them that they don't know what science is and attack them personally. How weak.