Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Need for Truth

There are many today who say "there is no truth." Fortunately they are wrong. There is truth, and there is not a person living today who doesn't need it. Our souls long for truth though we may not realize it.

A pilot wants the truth when he is flying through the clouds at 600mph to guide him in the correct path, a captain wants the truth when steering a nuclear powered submarine through the depths of the dark ocean, a doctor needs the truth when making an incision to open someone's chest for heart surgery, a child needs truth to teach him right from wrong, and our souls need truth so we can live in right relationship with God.

Truth is all around us. If there isn't truth then nothing is certain. If there are not laws of science and nature that are true then danger always looms, because you never know when something may erupt and destroy us all. But truth does exist and we rely on it daily. The problem is that many people neglect the truth in relation to spiritual laws and in relation to God himself and say it doesn't exist. Such people claim we can't know what is right from wrong, and therefore I can create my own truth and live how I see fit. According to such thinking there is no moral truth or absolute truth other than the "truth" that there is no moral truth or absolute truth. It is of course nonsensical.

I reject such thinking. I need truth daily. I need to be reminded over and over again of what is true and right. God repeated truths over and over again in Scripture. Why? Because we quickly forget. How many times in Scripture does the Lord say that people forgot? I haven't counted, but it is numerous.

We forget truth when we are most tempted to sin. When we face temptation we often only think of half the truth, like Eve in the garden. But thanks be to God that He has given us His truth so that we can know it, and so that we can live according to it! Without this truth we would just be wandering through life in complete uncertainty.

Truth protects us from sin, enables us to have a proper relationship with God, and gives us that which is necessary to live a full, complete, and joyful life.

Seek truth. You need it. I need it. We all need it.