Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Intelligence of Intelligent Design

For a few years now it seems the Intelligent Design (ID) movement has been seeking to open the discussion of origins in the public arena. I'm not sure of its success. Those on the evolutionary side tag it "religious," and Creationists like myself would say it stops short of its ultimate goal.

It is true that to believe in evolution requires an enormous amount of faith. No intelligent person would say that nothing plus nothing equals everything, but in the realm of origins many people believe that. They often hold to the fantasy that everything just created itself...leave stuff long enough and it will grow and turn into human beings.

However, I would add that the Intelligent Design argument leaves out Intelligence. How can you explain the creation of the universe apart from its Creator? To leave out the Intelligence that created everything is to stop short of the answer. To properly understand creation one must understand its Creator. And for the evolutionist, you cannot divorce science from the One who created science!

The more I study the book of Romans for my upcoming course, the more convinced I am of the truth that Jesus is the Son of God and that there is no other way to the Father except through Him. No human being would ever invent such a theology as we see in Romans. Who would ever invent a gospel that leaves out human participation in doing something to appease the God he has so greatly offended? No religion in the world teaches that. The gospel of Christ is unfathomable, and far too genius to have been invented by some fisherman or shepherd.

However, as Romans teaches, many suppress the Truth in their unrighteousness. They live and breathe and act as though there is no God. Where I live 70% of people profess to be atheist. But I have yet to meet one after about 30 minutes of conversation who would deny that "something" is out there. They just don't want to call that "something" God!

To turn the conversation back to origins, if we want to understand the creation we must begin with its Creator. We must begin by understanding Him, our True source of intelligence.

As God said to Job, "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? " He (God) is our source of Truth and the ultimate witness of what happened on that first morning.


SoD said...

A Thing that has not yet been disproved … can hold it’s reasonable assumption that it exist; And as long as a Thing remain unproven, it can maintain it’s greatest possibility of being so. Indeed in this world, Intelligent Design has faltered, but because the beautiful and shinning crystal glass was shattered when it fell to the floor, doesn’t mean it’s Superior Design didn’t exist before it’s fragments were disarranged.

Knowing that the ‘We’ of an Intelligent Mind Soul, are Beings of a ‘’Complex Designed Circuitry of Intelligent Energy’; and knowing that a Soul is that ghost-like Energy which engulfs the Mind at all times; and knowing that the Spirit is but the accelerated state of any energy: I am comfortable being rooted in the knowledge that ‘We’ were brought into existence by the Master Creator.

‘One’ who’s Massive Intelligence of a Complex Circuitry of ‘Charged Plasma Energy’ is Adorned in the immeasurable Gown of Inert and Shiny Blackness of Dark Matter … a Being of the greatest intelligence known and unknown …. One who did create and do hold firm the very Designed Foundation of all Worlds created … that same One who sit in Highest position of all Her Creations of 9 Universal Planes, and who in doing so established 4 Inner Dimensional Levels there in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, Universal Planes and 3 Inner Dimensional Levels there in the and 8th Universal Plane; as Earth now sets in open view here in the 7th Universal Plane of endless darkness. All Planes and their Inner Dimensional levels are held in placed by the stabilizing accomplishments of Quantum Frequencies.

Of such A Creator is said; if Her Shiny Gown of Dark Matter was to transform into a Voltage Being of Lightening, and were to step down from Her hidden Place there in the First Dimensional Level of the First Universal Plane; and were to take journey through our known universe of expanded darkness. Her appearance would stand as a Five Figurative Form of Blue Lightening. Taller than any known Nebula. And that spiraling galaxies would be as tiny lily pads coupling each Her every gigantic Footsteps; and that each lily pad of a galaxy, would buckle to fall in scattered debris at Her passing.

So Knowing what I am sure of, there is no need to debate rather or not that ‘We’ of Intelligent Mind Souls were Designed or a mishap of evolutionized procedures of a natural development. I stand In full knowledge of my Creator. I am just an Old Sold passing through, with something important to say.

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Lance M. Roberts said...


Sod,...you have officially posted the most perplex comment in the history of Truth Buckler.

I would encourage you to read the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Bible. There we can see the True Light.

Have a nice day.