Sunday, March 2, 2008

Obama Pledges Gay Support

The Baptist Press has posted an article describing Barack Hussein Obama's position on issues related to homosexuality. Obama has pledged to use the "bully pulpit" to further their cause. It is clear that we live in an age where many desire to return to the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah, including many in our government.

The Church must stand for the truth on this issue. If the government condones such behavior, which will likely happen at some point, we Christians need to be willing to stand for truth and not change our message. I was not too long ago engaged in a forum/news column with homosexuals, and their first response was to name all of the radical homosexual haters who call themselves Christians and hold up signs that say "God hates fags." While homosexuality is a sin, Christ died for the ungodly, and such displays of hatred by "Christians" are just as abominable as the deviant sexual behavior of the homosexual/bisexual/transsexual.

We are not to hate people for their sin, we are to hate only their sin. The homosexual who denies the truth and remains in his sin is as hell bound as a liar, an adulterous, gossip, or a murder. We are to reach these people with the love of Christ and to offer them hope. Christ can free them from this lifestyle!

May the Church arise and be a beacon of light and hope for those overtaken by sin.