Thursday, February 7, 2008

Christian Liberalism and Islam

Christian Liberalism to no surprise opens its arms to Islam.

As quoted in the Christian Post, Patrick Sookhdeo, the director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity said, "churches are moving away from central doctrines that teach about separation and instead conforming to secular society’s ideology of inclusion." He went on and said, "when faced with the uniqueness of Christ we become inclusive. He loves everybody so we talk about love, and hell and damnation goes out the window. It becomes too embarrassing. So our church has conformed itself according to society.”

The Christian Post also states, "Christians are afraid to admit that only believers in Jesus Christ will be saved and others – Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists – are lost, because that would be arrogance in a society dominated by secular humanist ideology, Sookhdeo argued."

How sad. Just throw up one's hands and seal one's lips. Is that truly what Jesus called us to do? Have we forgotten what Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 10? He said it would be difficult, but they must continue to preach the truth!

Now the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams suggests adopting Sharia Law in the United Kingdom! has an article on his latest outrageous comments.

This is Christianity gone mad! In fact, I don't believe we should use the word "Christian" or "Christianity" to describe such people. They stand for everything the Bible is against. This is the same Dr. Williams that suggests using the Simpsons to teach youth theology!

May we not be afraid to take a stand in this age when people call good evil and evil good! This liberal, post-modern philosophy and teaching is Satanic and is an abomination before a Holy God!

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Oscar Smith said...

It doesn't matter what religion we came from as long as we live our life truthfully, with love and compassion to the most high and to our fellowmen, we can assure that we are in good hands. Through signs, or blessing like family blessings are good examples that we are guided to the right path. We should think of ourselves, our family, or friends even though that we have different beliefs but we share the same world. Taking good care of everyone is sign of showing a good follower.