Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Trip to Wittenberg (Lutherstadt)

We were privileged to be able to visit Wittenberg, Germany over the holidays. During our visit we were able to see where Martin Luther lived and ministered. It was a great joy to be able to see the church where he preached, his grave in the church, visit his home, and all the other places where he lived, ministered, and taught.

Here you can see a couple of my prized pictures from our trip. The first picture is of me and my oldest son standing in front of the door where the 95 theses was nailed. The church was bombarded in the past, but has been rebuilt and the 95 these are written on the current door in bronze.

The next picture is of his tomb below the pulpit of the Lutheran church. I can't imagine preaching each week when Luther is buried below your feet. What a great inspiration it would be to keep on preaching the truth.

The third picture is of me next to Luther's actual pulpit. I actually didn't know when I took this picture that it was not advised to take pictures in some places. But it was really cool to see that it has been preserved. It is currently located in the museum that his home has been turned into.

The last picture is of his statue on the town square where Melanchthon's statue is about 50 yards away. It was a great joy to visit here and to teach our children about a man who sought to fearlessly preached the truth in an age when many people would have rather seen him dead. May the Lord raise up a new generation of such preachers in our day!