Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Calvinists are More Evangelistic

I have never liked the term Calvinism, because it is irrelevant what John Calvin believed. What is important is what the Bible says. I agree with John Calvin insomuch that he believes what the Bible teaches.

I have often heard non-Calvinists say, "Calvinism kills evangelism." But according to a recent article in the Baptist Press it is actually the opposite amongst those with whom they did their research. The article states, "Calvinistic recent graduates report that they conduct personal evangelism at a slightly higher rate than their non-Calvinistic peers." That is rather stunning in one sense, but in another sense it isn't. As my pastor John MacArthur says, "belief in the doctrine of election motivates one to evangelize, because you know there will be people who will be saved."

Let's be faithful to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the ONLY way!