Friday, November 30, 2007

Truth Quote of the Week

"The things of truth are things which are in keeping with the Person of Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ: “I am . . . the Truth.” Truth therefore means not only accuracy, but accuracy about something that corresponds with God. We must distinguish between an accurate fact and a truthful fact. The devil, sin, disease, spiritualism, are all accurate facts, but they are not truthful facts. Christian Science makes the blunder of saying that because sin is not of the nature of truth, therefore it is not a fact. But sin is a fact. The accuracy of facts and the accuracy of the facts of truth are two different things. Never say that things that are not of the truth are non-existent. There are many facts that are not of the truth, that is, they do not correspond with God, Paul says, Limit your thinking to the things that are true."

Chambers, Oswald: The Moral Foundation of Life : A Series of Talks on the Ethical Principles of the Christian Life. Hants UK : Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1996, c1966