Sunday, November 25, 2007

Homosexuality vs. Truth

The below article from shows the battle on the horizon. The homosexual movement seems to be picking up steam and we need to be ready to take a stand no matter what the costs. Please pray for this school to honor the Lord in its actions as they seek to stand for truth. Even the title of the article is a dig at the school for its biblical stand for truth.

School Slammed for Gay Slur

Published: 14th November 2007 17:01 CET

A school in Stockholm with a Christian profile has received a rap on the knuckles from school authorities for teaching children that homosexuality is sinful.

The Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket) directed its criticism at the privately run Andreas Gymnasium School following a news item broadcast by SVT during the summer.

Having heard the headmaster say that homosexual activity was sinful, the youth wing of RFSL - the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights - reported the school to the education agency.

Following an inspection, the agency ruled that the head teacher's comments on homosexuality were incompatible with the anti-discrimination policy laid down in the national curriculum.

The agency has given the school until November 30th to show what measures it has taken to rectify the situation.


Rev.J. Theodore Helms said...

Incredible! Here in Charlotte, NC, we have just witnessed a Baptist church affirming homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle for members and ministers alike. I posted a series on this event based on newspaper articles, opinion forums, and web reports. With possible "hate crime" legislation on the horizon this may become the enforced "norm" for many congregations.

By the way, interesting education experience. From Liberty to Masters, Arminian to Reformed.

Lance M. Roberts said...

It was at Liberty where I learned what the Bible says about the doctrine of election, the need for expository preaching, diagrammatical analysis, and several other things. I think it probably depends on who you have for a professor at Liberty. Nonetheless, I am praise the Lord for my education there and for my education at Masters!

Lance M. Roberts said...

Thank you for your comments Theodore about the situation in NC. I think this hate speech stuff is coming down the pipe, but I hope I'm wrong.

Rev.J. Theodore Helms said...

Lance, I wasn't being derogatory toward Liberty, it is a great university; two of my former church members in Virginia graduated from there. And you are right. At any seminary it does indeed depend on the professors one takes. I graduated from Columbia Bible College in '91 and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in '94 and that was the case in both locations as well.

Lance M. Roberts said...

Thanks Theodore. I did not receive your comments as derogatory. It would have not been accurate though to describe Liberty as Arminian at least during my time there (91-96). However, I believe there are some in the seminary there now that would like to see it go in that direction.