Thursday, November 1, 2007

Atheists Repudiate Values

The Baptist Press posted an article giving the results of a poll conducted by the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. The goal of the survey was to look at how theists and atheists view values. The question was whether such values as forgiveness, patience, generosity, concern for others, family life, and etc. are "very important" or not.

Not surprisingly there was a great gap in some of the answers. For example 84% of theists say forgiveness is "very imporant," while 52% of atheists say it is imporant. Other issues such as patience (72% theists vs. 39% atheists), generosity (67% theists vs. 37% atheists), concern for others (82% theists vs. 63% ahteists), and family life (88% theists vs. 65 % atheists). There were some other values where the gap was not so wide (i.e. courtesy, honesty, "being loved," politeness, friendship), but there were still more theists who believe these are "very important" compared to atheists.

As one living in probably the most atheistic country in the world (Czech Republic) I have many times expereinced the behavior of individuals holding the atheistic view of life. Most would say that truth isn't important and you can't know what truth even is. They would say that society determines right and wrong and the main goal in life is to be happy. But when one is devoid of truth and completely repudiates truth, and sets oneself up as the determiner or right and wrong, what else should we expect? What kind of values are "very important" to them?

It is so clear to see why the Lord wisely gave us His revelation (the Bible). Without the Law there would be no order, no certainty, and everyone doing what is right in his own eyes (i.e. book of Judges). Repect for others and the value of life itself would be reduced to nothing. But God in His infinite wisdom gave us the Law telling us the truth.

He is the One who has established what is right and what is wrong, what is important and what isn't. But when you reject Him and put yourself in His place, then it is not surprising that such basic values have no importance.

Oh the need for truth!