Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Emergent" Problems

I was checking out the boys at Pyro and came across the discussion about MacArthur and Pagitt's exchange on CNN over the subject of Yoga. Today I noticed in the comments on the post that Pagitt wanted to send Team Pyro his new "promo picture." Now if that doesn't just fit in with my last Truth Quote of the Week, I don't know what else to say! How many pastors do you know who have a "promo picture?" I thought we are to be about promoting Christ!

Then I was looking at the Pomomusings and thought I would point out what is so obviously wrong with the Emergent movement from a common follower of Pagitt and his buddies.

Pomomusings (Princeton seminary student) writes about Mark Driscoll's comments at Southeastern Baptist Seminary, and below are just a couple of the comments from his list of disagreements with Driscoll:

"For those of you who don’t want to listen to the entire 80+ minute lecture, here are some ridiculous snippets from it:

- I don’t mind a conversation…but when God speaks, we are not to converse, we are to obey.

- Brian McLaren was asked this question: ‘What is your position on gay marriage?’ His answer was this: ‘You know what? The thing that breaks my heart is that there is no way I can answer it without hurting someone on either side.’ To which I would respond: ‘Now you have hurt God.’

- The Southern Baptist Convention of North Carolina is bringing him [Doug Pagitt] to teach in October. Shame on you.

- The Bible is all about Jesus. Ultimately, it’s all…about…Jesus.

- I believe Emergent is, like Judas, in the process of hanging itself. And all the nonsense of emerging, and Emergent, and new monastic communities, and, you know, all of these various kinds of ridiculous conversations — I’ll tell you as one on the inside, they don’t have converts. The silly little myth, the naked emperor is this: they will tell you it’s all about being in culture to reach lost people, and they’re not.

So Mark Driscoll - you just keep on doing your thing. This wink’s for you."

So, it shows where Pagitt and his followers are headed. Whenever you deny that the Bible is about Jesus and that you would rather hurt God than people, be sure you are on the road that leads to destruction. It is for these reasons that we live in an age that is in desparate need of Truth warriors. Not with the swords and spears of the Hussite era, but of those weilding the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.


dweb said...

I appreciate your post and I would agree with you that much of what is going on in the emergent movement particularly by some of their most prominent leaders is very disturbing. The one thing that I would add to your call for Truth warriors is a call for Truth warriors who convey The Truth with gentleness and respect. Often times it is tough for people to hear a Truth Warrior speak if we don't speak with a heart that desires people to hear the truth we proclaim.

Lance M. Roberts said...


Thank you for your comment and concern for the Truth. I appreciate your reminder. At the same time Truth does need to be proclaimed and oftentimes people will be offended even if it is done with love and gentleness. However, love must accompany the proclamation of Truth. I did speak of this much needed element in our war for the Truth in a post called ”Mercy and Truth.” And it never hurts to be reminded.