Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Debating an Evolutionary Scientist

I have been spending a fair amount of time going back in forth with a couple of scientists on a science forum. I must say that you can soon find yourself in a heap of trouble if you don't know a lot about science. I bumped into this forum when looking up something for a lecture on Creationism. After reading and posting a couple comments I got into this long exchange with two scientists. One quickly backed off once the subject go to more biblical things. But another picked up and has been "going at it" with me.

A couple observations:

First, both are very zealous and deeply devoted to their beliefs. They throw out a lot of great scientific arguments, and are real quick to point out your lack of education in their field. One is a professor and the other I don't know.

Second, after batting things back and forth a couple of times it was real easy to see how their presuppositions dominate how they view and interpret the scientific evidence. The look at the evidence already presupposing their view of evolution to be true. Thus they seek to find answers to make it fit their worldview. We Christians do the same. But our presupposition is rooted in a source of Truth, the Bible.

Third, it was good for me to do this to see how much more I need to learn and to help to keep me humble. We can all use a little sharpening of the ax.

Fourth, it is a great way to witness/share the gospel. Through it I had opportunity to emphasize the inspiration of the Bible, Christ as God and Creator, and the need to know the Savior.

So, give it a try sometime. I'm sure there are many forums out there. Just look for one on evolution or geology, or something along those lines and be nice.