Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unity or Purity?

This week I had a couple good discussions about which is greater, the unity or the purity of the Church. I was given a quote from Augustine where he said that unity is greater. I guess this is maybe an age-old question, but I believe that landing on the wrong side of this issue is deadly for the Church.

From my perspective liberalism has ushered in the god of unity at the expense of purity. Post-modernism too seems to have championed this view as you can be a homosexual, adulterer, or whatever makes you feel good and still be part of the Church, even clergy. The distinctions between the roles of men and women in the church have been blurred, and anyone who takes a strong stand on a biblical issue is viewed as narrow and unlearned.

Anyone seeking to preach the Word of God with conviction is looked upon as arrogant and divisive. Such statements as "Who are you to tell me what to do or how to live, or who are you to say what is right or wrong?" are often a standard responses by those in the Church, and a rejection of the preaching the Word is commonplace. The desire for ear-tickling preaching is rampant as it makes one feel good and makes everyone around you feel uplifted instead of convicted.

Any faithful exegete and expositor of the Word is looked at as a radical and over the top by his calling others to live according to the written Word. Unity has become the god of this present age in the ministry of the Word. The seeker and purpose-driven movements have proven this to be true by the "do not offend gospel" and "do not offend approach" to ministry.

So what is the result of this philosophy? Let's all love one another, be tolerant and not a divisive fundamentalist, not say what the text really says and offer a compromise, and to have unity at the expense of purity. Purity is now seen in the eye of the beholder. The ultimate result is that you have people united in propagating error. Dumbing down the truth for the sake of unity leads to error and is deadly for the Church.

May there be an awakening in the Church to be pure, separated from sin, pure in its doctrine, and to be unified in the Truth no matter what the cost or who is offended by its proclamation.

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Josh R. said...

Very True, America in general is all about unity and morals are thrown out the window. Everybody is forced to tolerate everybody, or you are slapped with a discrimination lawsuit.