Friday, May 4, 2007

Hell is Truth Seen Too Late

The Gospel of Matthew precisely describes the tragic end for those who reject truth as an eternity separated from God in Hell. Two types of people will one day face this frightening fate.

1. The Future Hellish Reality for many "Christians"

A terrifying truth is that many so-called "Christians" reject the truth, yet think that they have it. What a frightening reality it will be for those who walk in darkness and think they walk in the light. How horrifying to be on the broad road that gives every indication you are headed to the gates of splendor and come to the end only to find out that you were on the road that's end is destruction.

Many will one day stand before the Lord having done all kinds of things for Him and will hear Him say, "depart from me, I never knew you." Jesus repeated such sentences of doom to the Pharisees in Matthew 23. They go through all the motions, they know the spiritual lingo, they do many spiritual things, but it is all empty. These people do not know the Truth, they have no life, and are on the wrong way. They do what they do for personal satisfaction and self-glorification, and miss the one element that allows them to enter the narrow gate, belief in the Way the Truth and the Life. Belief is not merely possessing intellectual facts or doing spiritual works, it is a belief that is accompanied with surrender and repentance from sin to Christ.

Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, prepare to die if need be, and follow Him. That is how belief manifests itself, and that is the cost of following Jesus. It is one thing to give lip service to the truth, it is another thing to have a transformed heart manifested in obedience and love to Christ.

2. The Future Hellish Reality for Those Hositle to the Truth

Many today say there is no such thing as truth. They deny Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They shout that there is no God. They say that there are many ways to God and each person has his own way. But these people are self-deceived and have bought into a lie. God has revealed Himself and leaves man without excuse for their rejection of Him and the truth of His Word.

When people reject the truth of Scripture and buy into man-made religion and artificial assurance of what will happen to them as they enter death's door, they will face a frightening reality. They will see the result of their rejection and non-acceptance of the truth. But Hell will show them that it is too late.

Which road are you on? your neighbor? your co-worker? your relavite? Let's not be or allow others to be informed by Hell itself!