Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Denying the Truth of a Creator

World Net Daily reports that assistant professor of astronomy and physics Guillermo Gonzalez has been denied tenure at Iowa State University for being a proponent of Intelligent Design.

One of the ISU authors of a petition against Intelligent Design, Hector Avalos, an outspoken atheist, told the Ames Tribune the petition was motivated by the growing attention given to Gonzalez's work and concerns the university would be seen as an "intelligent design school."

"We certainly don't want to give the impression to the public that intelligent design is what we do," said Avalos, who is an associate professor of religious studies.

Another ISU author and professor, John Patterson, linked the Discovery Institute, a leading intelligent design think tank where Gonzalez is a senior fellow, to the Taliban.

Avalos insisted that the petition was meant only to address intelligent design and not directed at Gonzalez personally.

"The most important action we want is not to suppress Dr. Gonzalez but to express our own view," Avalos told the Journal of Higher Education.

For his part, Gonzalez defended himself against the attack by noting that he had put forth a design argument that was scientifically rigorous, testable and falsifiable, but whatever its merits, he had not taught the argument in the classroom.

What is interesting is that the WND article describes Hector Avalos as an outspoken atheist, but yet on the ISU website he is described as professor of religious studies! When schools of higher learning put an atheist as a Bible professor and then dismiss a professor, because he has a personal belief in ID, then their motives are made quite clear. They want nothing to do with God, nothing to do with truth, and will remove any proponet of such a belief so they can "express their own view." Once again we can see the exclusivism and utter intolerance of such people who claim to be educators; people who are to encourage others to think and explore and to experiment and promote theories. They can't even tolerate one professor who holds a personal belief that he hasn't even taught in the classroom.

We live in a day that even the slightest scent of God or truth or the Bible or Christ is utterly intolerable. May we be faithful to stand for the truth in this dark age.

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