Thursday, April 12, 2007

School Tries to Forbid Day of Truth

As a news article at "" states, a battle seems to be raging in public schools over the homosexual agenda. Homosexual advocates offer a "Day of Silence" to students as a protest in support of homosexuality. However, at a high school in Conneticut Christian students proposed having a "Day of Truth" to support the Christian teaching on homosexuality. School officials sought to prohibit the Christian group's expression of what the truth is, because they said it is "too controversial." Thanks to the Alliance Defense Fund the school decided to change its mind about denying the Christian group their right to have a "Day of Truth."

The world cannot tolerate truth in any form. They are fine with demanding that "their truth" be taught, but any attempt to proclaim God's truth is rejected with fervor. The idea to have a day of truth is rather novel. Let's not stop there though and call people to live a life of Truth!