Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Trip to Goosetown

Our family was privileged to visit “Goosetown” today, the hometown of the Master John Hus. The actual name of the town is Husinec, but translated to English is “Goosetown.” In fact, John’s last name Hus actually means “goose” in Czech.

The town is located about 45 minutes off the main highway in southern Bohemia, and today is no more than a village town. As you enter the town there is a sign informing newcomers of its historical significance. It is the hometown of the great warrior for the Truth.

Located in the center of the town is a statue of the beloved pre-reformer, and just behind his statue you can see the church that dates back to the time when Hus actually lived there. However, it has been reconstructed since his days there. I was of course excited about my wife taking my picture at the feet of the great martyr. His love and stand for the truth about gives me goosebumps, no pun intended! ;-)

Located between the church/statue and his birth home is a beautiful building covered with amazing artwork. Located at the top, second from the left, is a portrait of Hus. Then around the corner is his birth home that was unfortunately closed. It opens for tourist season in April. Across the street is a prominent sign that marks the historic site.

Hopefully we can one day return and view the exhibition located inside of the home, but nevertheless, it was great fun to go back in time and see the place where the seeds of the reformation began to sprout in Husinec!

Next post, our trip to Tabor, the town established by the Hussites!