Thursday, April 19, 2007

Martyred for Belief in the Truth

Truth again is under attack. Three people were killed at a Christian publishing house in Turkey on Wednesday (4/18/2007). They were working in their publishing house when they were attacked, bound, and had their throats slit. One was a German who had a wife and 3 small children, and the other two were Turksih. One of the Turkish brothers was single, and the other had a wife and children.

This is the price that many pay for the Truth even in our day. Too often we take for granted the Truth that has been handed down to us. The English Bible that we have setting on our shelves, in our glove compartments, or even on our computers came to us at a very high price. Many were tortured, burned at the stake, and martyred for seeking to make the Word of God, the Bible, available in English for all to read.

Thank the Lord right now for the Bible you are holding in your hands and for all the wonderful resources that we have in our language. Many today don't even have one verse of the Bible, others have maybe a portion of the Bible, and many others are without good Christian literature. We should pray for these brothers on the front lines in the war for the Truth who are seeking to make the Truth of Scriptures available to all.

Let's also take time and pray for the families of these 3 martyred for their belief in and work to bring the Truth to Turkey.